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"You shouldn't be limiting yourself to love because you want to avoid pain and making mistakes" said my sister on Christmas Morning. 
Maybe i don't realize this.
Maybe i don't realize that i have brought my past into my current life.
Maybe i forget what does it mean to love.
Maybe i forget that actually it is now in this moment that i'm actually living, i'm no longer living in the past.
And i should have not learned those mistakes i made in the past with fear. 
and perhaps without me realizing, i've been carrying it all along, all the fear and anxiety.
Maybe it is the right time to let go. 
To let go all those fear, fear of getting hurt, fear of making mistakes, and any other kind of fear.
To let go those things that have happened in the past, and let them to stay there. 
To let them to stay there, and start to see everything in a new way. 
And let them have no affect on me anymore. 
That maybe the world is much more beautiful than i think or see, 

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