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Love casts darkness

Have you ever felt like there's one room in your heart that feels like its missing?

Maybe it happens after you lost someone, 
after you lost your job, 
after you lost your hope, 
for things that don't go as you planned before,
or maybe it happens because simply you just haven't let god to come into your heart, and let him to give you the love that you deserve, the unconditional love. 
But I'm not here writing to tell you what you should do, i'm basically here because I FEEL IT TOO
A glimpse of sadness, because my heart is trying to heal. 
and i hold on, not with my strength, but with God's strength. 
I would've not been here if i depend with my own strength.
And it realizes me that in times of sadness, darkness, problems that come into my life, 
despite all the confusions, depression, and loneliness,
i feel abundance of love, filling all the emptiness and guiding me through You can't understand it with human's mind, you just have to believe. 
And i&…

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