WJeans Photoshoot

Wow. 2 years. So many stories to tell. 

Well let's start with this one,
Around two weeks ago, closest friend of mine asked me to become a model for WJeans Brand on their instagram . Actually this is not my first time photo-shooting for clothing brand, i've done one before with Uniqlo Indonesia.

 It is such a fun experience for me to have a photo-session with another clothing brand, and the fun part was photographed by my own friend. To be honest, it's been a long time since my last photoshoot, too many things to do, especially with National Exams coming up. 

Here is some of the pictures i got. There are 4-5 looks if im not mistaken. 
Thankyou for reading or i could say for scrolling down through my pictures without even reading :P

Have a great day!

Go visit their instagram down below! and yes that's my legs :p

Don't forget to be happy!


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