Living Abroad

2nd october 2017

I went to russia, a new story and journey begins..

at first, it felt kinda strange, away from family, from Indonesia.

But i'm trying to enjoy every moments here, and today it means that i've been here for 1 month.. SEE I CAN MAKE IT THROUGH THE FIRST MONTH!

I had planned this photoshoot way before my departure to russia, because i just want to. Just to remind myself how far i have come, so whenever i find myself in doubt, i can scroll through my blogpost.

Hopefully, i'll meet some photographers near here and get to take my pictures in moscow, but i want it to be different though. Something much more like art, because this city has a lot of story to tell, it has its own magic and makes you feel something.

photographed by : Peter Lyle 
Outerwear : This Is April
Crop Top : New Look
Jeans : Pull and Bear


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