The Face Of Auraure

First of all, i want to say "Happy NewYear 2015" to y'all.
i wish you for more a greatest journey ahead. Speaking of new year, i do really curious about your resolution for this year. Do you mind to share yours? i'll be glad to hear it though :)

So, im so glad to say that i've got a pretty good semester report last year, there was no bad score. I'm so thankful for that, cause all the hard work, all the tears in night, it has paid off with a really good scores. I have a really nice and unforgettable holiday with my family.

There is so many good things happen in 2014, can't wait for a better one. Im really hoping that i could be a better person. By the way, my sister who's a makeup artist, just had bought her new slr kind of camera for her photo-shooting about makeup, because of she's really want to do it very soon, she use me as her model.LOL.Here's the result. any thoughts?

Check her out on her instagram which is @Auraure and she just made another Youtube Account which is the same name as her ig. I hope you enjoy this, have a great lovely day dears.

Elisea Erin


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